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Banksman Training 

This Banksman Training course is an awareness level course that helps learners understand how to fulfil their role of supporting safe vehicle and mobile plant operations. It is suitable for banksmen in a range of industries and for various types of vehicle and mobile plant operations.

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    • Legislation & Regulations around working at height.

    • Fall restraint.

    • Fall arrest.

    • Working at height hazard management.

    • Inspection of harnesses/lanyards/anchorage.

    • Selection and fitting of a harness.

    • Safe use of ladders.

    • Selecting fall arrest for working with MEWP’s.

    • Logging & maintenance of working at height equipment

  • We offer all of our training courses on site nationwide.

    • Introduction 

    • Health and Safety Legislation 

    • Safety Precautions and Procedures 

    • Banksman / Operator Responsibility 

    • Personal Safety 

    • Identification of dangers 

    • Principles of Hand Signals / standing Positions 

    • Reversing of vehicles in confined spaces 

    • Discuss on site Risk Assessments 

    • On-Site Practical Session 

    • Practical session to demonstrate correct hand signals, safe standing positions for assisting a driver when a driver is maneuvering his vehicle. 

    • Individual and group debrief 

  • We offer all of our training courses on site nationwide.

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